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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hey webmaster, are you willing to create and post 200-word reviews on particular websites or Products in your website? If yes, I will introduce you to a Program which will help you to find a handy source of extra income.

ReviewMe is a service that pays webmaster to post about topics that relate to their audience. The site is essentially a matching between webmasters who like to write and companies that would love for their products and services to be mentioned in website.


Webmasters who are registering to ReviewMe Program have to provide links to their main page and RSS feed. Then ReviewMe software automatically assesses the site on the basis of things like Alexa Ranking, RSS subscribers, Technorati ranking, etc., and assigns a price for the site.

How it Works?
1. Submit your site for inclusion into ReviewMe publisher network.
2. If approved, advertisers will purchase reviews from you.
3. You decide to accept the review or not.
4. You will be paid $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site.

In ReviewMe payments are calculated and paid out on a monthly basis. You can choose payment methods as Check, Prepaid Debit MasterCard® powered by Payoneer or by Paypal. Minimum Check Amount is 25 U.S.D. I am here by posting the cheque that i earned through the program. Click here to see the proof

Why Hamrash Edava (I) likes ReviewMe?
Personally I like the ReviewMe concept and interface very much. ReviewMe Website is simple and functional, with a clean look. The automated registration program works smoothly. All in all, ReviewMe seems like a professional operation which will helps webmasters a pretty income. So why you are waiting Join ReviewMe Now

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