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FREE 25$ Contest in KingzMarket.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The above site has turned to be scam.

Last week i came to join a forum . The forum seems to be one of the fastest growing forum in internet. The admin is basically from canada.
About Kingzmarket
You guys are probably wondering what is this fourm even about. First of all this forum is mostly about Selling things you programmed, stole, or even bought!.

The forum has a market place where Buyers can buy and obviously Sellers can sell anything. Admin is promising that there will be more and more trusted sellers and buyers, when the forum gets fully launched. The name "KingzMarket" seems to be interesting and motivating one.

Like any forum, Kingzmarket also have rules. These rules seems to be affordable and very basic ones.

Rules of Kingzmarket
- No Scamming = Instant Ban.
- No Spamming.
- No Flaming.
- Dont create multiple accounts unless needed.
- When posting a file always post a virus scan or it will be locked!
- Advertising allowed, but NO if theres competition!.

[Paypal] Free 25$![Giveaway] Contest!
The main thing that attracts me in Kingzmarket is about the ongoing contest. The contest is really simple and seems to be very easy to win. I will make it clear to all of you. All members who have made at least 10 posts are eligible to participate in this contest. We need to mention why we deserve the FREE $25 along with a number between 1-100. Admin will be using a number generator from 1-100. When the contest hits "30" replies, Admin will end the contest. The member who writes the admin generated number will be the winner and he/she will gets $25.

Income Proof from Kingzmarket
I am happy to tell you all that just now i recieved $1 from KingMarket. See the below income proof:
KingzMarket Payment

Then why you are waiting Join Kingzmarket today and try your luck.
The above site has turned to be scam.
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