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Help National Bonds to spread the message of hope and win attractive prizes

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Each year in the UAE, children are unfortunately diagnosed with a life-threatening conditions. Thanks to advances in diagnostic and therapeutic technology, many are now being cured while others have their lives prolonged for many years and some, unfortunately, lose their battle. The Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE steps in to assist these children and their families by providing an avenue for hope and strength.

During this holy month National Bonds are supporting “Make a Wish” foundation in their mission to make the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions come true. Donate through your knowledge by answering the sets of 2 questions that National Bonds activate every couple of days, invite all your friends to do the same, and we NBC will match your correct answers with actual donations to MAW. Check this link to participate!

+Participants have one login chance into the application per day, during which they may perform one, 2 or all options of answering, sharing and donating.
+Set of correct answers will automatically show on the visible counter on the application.
+Number of shares will automatically show on the visible counter on the application.
+For each correct set of answers NBC donates a certain amount of money to support MAW.
+Competition will end on the 30th of August and counters will be closed.
+NBC and MAW will organize an event after Eid, celebrating the results of this activity. Date to be communicated later.
+Top 30 engaged participants (donors / fans answering correctly, those who shared the most) will be invited to the NBC/MAW event where they will be duly awarded.
So why are you waiting Help National Bonds to spread the message of hope by making every child’s dream come true and win attractive prizes!
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