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Make money on Facebook

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Get Paid for Facebook Likes! We all know Facebook is huge. It even rivals Google for the most visited site in the U.S. With all those people I'm sure you have asked yourself how can I make money on it. In my opinion the best way to make money on Facebook is to get paid to like pages! It is easy and something you probably already do anyway.

How to make money with Facebook?
You can get started making money today with There is no registration all you need is a Facebook and PayPal account. You will be automatically registered through facebook connect and after that you will be ready to start making money on Facebook.

How does it work?
Step1)Go to the website
Step2)Connect with Facebook
Step3)Start hitting "Like"
Step4)Collect Earned Money

How will I get paid?
Payments are through PayPal and minimum pay out is just $1. Start earning real cash for becoming a fan of fabulous product or service pages on Facebook. Up to $0.05 per Like, $1.00 Cash out Minimum. You are just one click away to

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