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How i made 1852 Aed through online in the month of Ramadan?

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Welcome to the new post of moneyham. First of all, Ramadan Kareem to all my readers.

Its Ramadan time and in Dubai, temperature is above 45 degree Celsius. In short, it is not advisable to roam around while you are fasting. As you are aware when comes to my online earnings, majority shares comes from shopping malls competitions. As the weather is alarming, I decided to stay at home after work and concentrate on home based earning ways. I was very happy to say that I get succeeded in it. Even though there are still eleven more days to finish this month, I was able to make 1852 Aed already.

Here are the apps which I used for making online money in the month of Ramadan:

1).Beam Wallet: Beam is a mobile app that changes the way you shop. In short you will be paying the bill using mobile app and you will be rewarded for that. The app is offering signup bonus credit of 40 Aed. You can increase your credit by referring your friends and both of you will get paid 40 Aed each. I was able to make 983 Aed by referring friends and by rewards as well. To know more about the app and to join Beam,Click here (Invitation Code: XLUQFXC)

2).Melltoo App: It’s an app that helps people in UAE to buy and sell pre loved items. You might be thinking where the money making factor in it. Create an account with Melltoo and get your referral link. Every time someone uses your unique referral link to sign up for a new Melltoo account, both you and your friends’ will be credited with 20AED each. I was happy to make 829 Aed from Melltoo. For joining the app, Click here to know more about Melltoo

3).Zomato App: It’s an app where you can order food online. You will get a personal promo code once you download the app. Interesting part is that every time when your friends places an order with your promo code both parties will get credit of 20 Aed each. I was able to make 40 Aed through it. Click here, to join Zomato

Earning Summary:

  • Earnings from Beam:983 Aed
  • Earnings from Melltoo: 829 Aed
  • Earnings from Zomato: 40 Aed
  • Total Earnings: 1852 Aed
    =33819.73 Indian Rupee

  • Here are the proofs:

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